New Year’s Scientology-Style: Celebrating an Expansive Past, Ringing in 2024 and a Boundless Future

New Year’s Scientology-Style: Celebrating an Expansive Past, Ringing in 2024 and a Boundless Future
Scientology 2023-2024 Nieuwjaarsviering in het Auditorium van de Shrine

Building a Better World. Achievements and Initiatives Unveiled. Scientology’s Global Impact in 2023.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, January 8, 2024 / — In the heart of Los Angeles, where the lights of fame often illuminate grand events, the Shrine Auditorium recently played host to a unique celebration as over 6,500 Scientologists and guests gathered for the Scientology New Year’s Celebration on December 31, 2023. The event, led by Mr. David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, was a grand salute to an unprecedented year of global expansion and an exhilarating launch into a future of limitless horizons in 2024. 

The Shrine Auditorium erupted with lights and joyful melodies as the audience, filled with excitement eagerly experienced an extraordinary opening concert showcasing a series of talented artists from, around the world. However the memorable moment of the evening was Mr. Miscaviges speech, which beautifully captured the essence of a Scientology inspired New Years Celebration. 

The grandeur of the evening was matched by the Church’s impressive achievements over the past year, marking its presence through global humanitarian initiatives. Notably, the Church’s worldwide force of volunteers delivered 10 million hours of indiscriminate help, earning accolades from renowned organizations such as the American Red Cross, Australia’s National Parliament, the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, the religious festivities calendar of the Spanish government’s foundation, and numerous others, totaling over 3,000 awards and recognitions. 

The Church’s impact extended beyond humanitarian efforts, reaching millions through the Scientology Network, which received more than 130 industry awards for broadcast programming and social responsibility. The online Scientology universe experienced a surge in curiosity, with an online course enrollment every two minutes, leading to a remarkable 1.2 million course completions. 

What perhaps foretells the greatest future yet is the ongoing construction of 5 million square feet across five continents, aiming to double Scientology’s global footprint. This physical expansion mirrors the Church’s commitment to providing technologies that uplift civilization. 

Mr. Miscavige delved into a whirlwind of achievements that showcased the application of Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology in various sectors. The Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) countered drug abuse, illiteracy, immorality, and criminality, with stories from Italy, the Netherlands, and Portland, Oregon, demonstrating remarkable success in rehabilitating addicts, improving education, and reducing crime. 

The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) disseminated Administrative Technology for group survival and prosperity, highlighting stories from Australia, Hungary, and South America. These stories exemplified how businesses thrived, economies were bolstered, and industries reached new heights through the application of Hubbard’s Administrative Technology. 

The International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP) and Scientology Missions International (SMI) showcased inspiring tales from Taichung, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, and Modena, Italy, where Scientologists contributed to creating a better future for their societies by establishing Ideal Groups, Missions, and Organizations. 

The climax of the celebration was Mr. Miscavige’s announcement of the completion of construction for all-new Ideal Organizations in Austin, Texas, Del Valle, Mexico, and Chicago, Illinois, scheduled for grand openings in the first two months of 2024. This monumental achievement underlines the Church’s commitment to expanding its physical presence and providing a spiritual haven for communities around the world. 

As the grand finale, attendees were treated to a preview of the Scientology message premiering at Super Bowl LVIII—an invitation for people to satisfy their curiosity and discover the answer to the question: What is Scientology? In his closing message, Mr. Miscavige invited everyone to reflect on the remarkable journey and the timeless moment in history they were now a part of. The Shrine Auditorium burst into a display of lights, confetti and joyful singing—a vibrant symbol of the beginning of a successful and limitless 2024. 

In summary the Scientology New Years Celebration wasn’t merely an occasion; it stood as evidence of the Churchs commitment, to improving the world on a scale advancing spiritually and embracing a future filled with endless opportunities.

Some of the news that occurred in Europe or by the European Office of the Church:

– Scientology in Hamburg celebrated last September Half a Century of fighting for and winning Freedom for All

– Scientology, celebrated 43 years rooted in Spain

– August 2023: Fostering Unity and Celebrating Diversity, Scientology Representative Addresses European Sikh Organization Inauguration

– July 2023: Scientology and Human Rights at the UN, raising up the next generation of world changers for peace, at 17th Youth Summit

– June 2023: Scientology organized event on Approaches to Combatting Discrimination, at OSCE/ODIHR Meeting in Vienna

– May 2023: Scientology includes Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and others, for living together in Peace

– April 2023: Different religious communities joined for an Iftar dinner at the Church of Scientology

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