Scientology and Drug Prevention – Gear Up, Join the Race by Uniting Globally for a Drug-Free World

Scientology and Drug Prevention – Gear Up, Join the Race by Uniting Globally for a Drug-Free World
Volunteers getting ready at the Church of Scientology Mission of Valencia, Spain.

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 3rd Jul 2024 – In a world where drug abuse is on the rise, various international efforts are actively working towards promoting a lifestyle free from drugs. Whether it’s the picturesque motorcycle journeys through Northern Italy, the streets of Valencia, Spain, or the informative events in Brussels, Belgium, and also in Prague in the Czech Republic, these movements share a common mission: to inform the public about the risks of drug use and advocate for prevention strategies based on evidence.

Bergamo, Italy: The 7th Annual Say No to Drugs Motogiro Nazionale

In Bergamo, Italy, motorcycle enthusiasts are gearing up for the 7th edition of Say No to Drugs Motogiro Nazionale, an event organized by Dico No Alla Droga (Say No to Drugs) Italy. This initiative is part of a campaign in support of the UN International Day Against Drug Abuse. The 2024 theme “Evidence: Prioritize Prevention” highlights the importance of spreading awareness about the harmful effects of drug consumption, such as physical and mental health issues, fatal overdoses, and societal challenges.

Oreste Depaoli, the executive director for Italy, stresses the importance of having accurate, detailed, and well-supported information regarding drugs. According to Depaoli, there is a lack of awareness among people about the nature and effects of drugs. He points out that certain societal campaigns portray drugs as harmless, but with knowledge about their realities, individuals can make informed choices on this crucial topic and opt for a drug-free lifestyle.

Prague, Czech Republic: The 20th Anniversary of the Drug-Free Czech Cyclo-Run

In Prague, Czech Republic, the Say No to Drugs—Say Yes to Life Association—an affiliate of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World—recently marked the anniversary of their Drug-Free Czech Cyclo Run event. This event, spanning over 12 days, organized by Lukáš Bechyně, the director, and Vlastimil Špalek, the founder of Cyclo Run, entails cycling and running activities across the country to educate young people about the risks associated with drug use.

Bechyně emphasizes the growing sophistication of drug producers, traffickers, and sellers. He notes, “The market is flooded with an increasing variety of drugs that are now easily accessible to even younger individuals. Previously, our educational talks targeted seventh graders; however, we now start two years earlier as some children begin experimenting with drugs as early as age ten.”

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) extends its support to these initiatives by emphasizing that prevention strategies grounded in research and collaboration with families, schools, and communities can ensure the well-being of children and youth – particularly those who are marginalized or come from impoverished backgrounds – helping them lead healthy lives into adulthood. According to UNODC reports, investing in prevention measures can lead to cost savings in terms of future healthcare expenses and social welfare.

Addressing Drug Abuse at a Key Port in Valencia

In Valencia, Spain, volunteers from the Church of Scientology Mission of Valencia are actively addressing the pressing issue of drug abuse within their community. Valencia serves as a hub for the influx of narcotics into Europe, especially from Latin America and North Africa. A major drug seizure in 2022 saw the confiscation of 5.5 tons of cocaine, underscoring the city’s role in global trafficking networks.

Volunteers initiated a campaign on drugs, distributing informational booklets containing straightforward facts about commonly abused substances, while lectures are being given in schools throughout the region. Ghada Waly, the Executive Director of UNODC, stresses the importance of investing in prevention efforts because, as she says, “The production, distribution, and consumption of drugs continue to fuel instability and inequality, leading to harm to individuals’ health, safety, and overall well-being”.

Brussels Hosts Marathon Event on Drug Prevention

In Brussels, Belgium, the Scientology Network marked the UN’s International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with a series of documentaries. The event showcased a documentary focusing on the work of drug prevention expert Julie Delvaux. Held at Boulevard de Waterloo, the premiere included discussions and testimonies from individuals affected by substance abuse.

Delvaux actively promotes awareness about The Truth About Drugs across Belgium. She is featured on Scientology Network’s original series Voices for Humanity. Delvaux mentioned that nowadays there is a lot of misinformation going around about drugs. 

She emphasized the importance of providing information to young people through the Truth About Drugs campaign to educate them before they are influenced by drug dealers. Delvaux believes that this initiative is crucial in paving the way for a society free from drug abuse.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) recently published its report on the drug situation in Europe until the end of 2022. The report, which draws data from EU Member States, Turkey, and Norway, highlights the challenges in monitoring drug use due to stigma and hidden behaviors. It emphasizes the need to use multiple data sources for trend analysis and provides detailed methodological information and constraints in its online Statistical Bulletin.

Individually and jointly paving the way for a drug-free Europe

Whether it’s organizing motorbike tours in Italy or hosting events in Belgium, these global programs highlight the significance of investing in education and prevention to combat drug abuse. With backing from organizations like the Foundation for a Drug-Free World and the dedication of volunteers such as Oreste Depaoli, Lukáš Bechyně, Vlastimil Špalek, and Julie Delvaux, the fight against drug abuse is gaining momentum. Looking ahead, it’s evident that by prioritizing prevention efforts, we can pave the way towards a safer world free from drugs.

Established in 2006, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World has emerged as a key player in combating substance abuse. As the leading non-governmental drug education program, it operates in 196 countries, offering evidence-based information for more than 25 years. The Foundation’s primary project, “Truth About Drugs,” stands as a pillar of the broader Say No to Drugs movement.

At the core of their mission lies the creation and dissemination of educational materials that address changing drug patterns. DFW provides these resources completely free to entities such as schools, community groups, government agencies, law enforcement bodies, and as well as private companies.

Its network spans to circa 200 chapters globally, the Foundation’s impact is truly remarkable. Their Truth About Drugs initiative has reached over one billion individuals, providing optimism in a world grappling with the impacts of drug misuse. This widespread outreach is made achievable through volunteers and numerous international partnerships.

The Foundation’s efforts illustrate the significance of education and prevention in shaping a drug-free tomorrow, as inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. 

By delivering current information, they are not merely raising awareness – they are empowering communities and nations to make informed choices and foster positive transformations.

By doing this, they provide a glimmer of hope, showing that achieving a world without the clutches of drug addiction is possible.

Ivan Arjona-Pelado

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