Event will discuss religious discrimination against Scientologists in Germany 🗓

Event will discuss religious discrimination against Scientologists in Germany 🗓

For decades now, the German authorities have been practicing discrimination against Scientologists by the use of what are called ‘sect filters’.

These sect filters require an individual to reveal any connection to, or affiliation with, the Church of Scientology, and where this exists, requires the discontinuation of membership or resignation from Scientology as otherwise no employment contract, service contract, or invitation to a government bid will be granted.

During the event, a panel of experts will discuss this practice in detail and illustrate it with real cases of discrimination, passed or ongoing.

Extracts of letter to German government by Special Mandates of UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights

“…we would like to express our concern about the continued use of measures that explicitly prevent individuals from obtaining grants and employment opportunities otherwise extended to the general population, on the basis of religion or belief. Regardless of the official state position on the status of Scientology as a religious organisation, group, sect, or otherwise, religion or belief is a matter of personal conscience rather than government designation. Individuals identifying as Scientologists should not have to endure undue scrutiny nor disclose their beliefs…” UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief & UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues Ref: AL DEU 2/2019

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