Scientology TV launched on Volunteers Day the documentary “Operation: Do Something About It”

Scientology TV launched on Volunteers Day the documentary “Operation: Do Something About It”
Image from the documentary, Scientology Volunteer Ministers

The documentary spotlights the Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ global relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

BRUSSELS, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, December 6, 2023 / — “Operation: Do Something About It” is a documentary on Scientology TV that tells the story of the Volunteer Ministers’ global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film captures their unwavering commitment to providing aid and support to communities in need during this unprecedented time. It showcases their creed in action: to not ignore the pain and suffering in the world but to confront it with practical help and compassion, something that Scientology’s ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige by always pushing forward the intentions of the founder of the religion L. Ron Hubbard, of contributing to making a better society for all to live.

The Scientology Network, which premiered on March 12, 2018, has been a platform for the Church to share its narrative, including its social betterment initiatives. With programming available in 17 languages, it has reached a diverse international audience.

The documentary, aired on International Volunteer Day, pays homage to the spirit of volunteerism. It highlights the Volunteer Ministers’ proactive approach, from distributing protective gear to sanitizing public areas and offering emotional support. The film also sheds light on the intensive training these volunteers undergo, preparing them to handle emergencies and provide relief efficiently.

“Operation: Do Something About It” not only chronicles the efforts of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers but also serves as a call to action for viewers. It shows how when people come together, no matter how big or small the effort, they can make a difference. The movie tells a motivating story that urges individuals to think about how they can contribute to making society better.

The documentary showcases the strength of the soul when confronted with challenging circumstances. It follows the volunteers as they engage in various relief activities, emphasizing their dedication and the tangible impact of their work.

Essentially, the movie celebrates the impact of volunteering and how dedicated individuals can bring about change. It encourages viewers to engage in making the world a better place, emphasizing that anyone has the potential to make a difference. “Operation; Do Something About It” ultimately reminds us that during times, coming together with empathy and unity can guide us towards a future.

Watch Operation: Do Something About It on demand on the Scientology Network, or on DIRECTV Channel 320, DIRECTV stream, AT&T U-verse, AppleTV, Roku, fireTV on on mobile apps.

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