Celebration of the 46th Anniversary of the Church of Scientology in Belgium 🗺

Celebration of the 46th Anniversary of the Church of Scientology in Belgium 🗺

On February 5, 2020 the Church of Scientology in Belgium celebrated its 46th anniversary.

The celebration occurred in the Churches of Scientology’s magnificient building, located Boulevard Waterloo in Brussels.

A significant part of the celebration was a concert given by the world-famous classical pianist Cyprien Katsaris, Artist of UNESCO for Peace, Commandeur de l’Ordre de Mérite du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Prize-winner at the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium and Alex de Vries Foundation Prize. This incredible concert enlightened the audience on the power of Art, recognized in Scientology as one of the highest factor contributing to the elevation of society. 

The celebration received the blessing of the Royal family of Belgium; Cardinal de Kesel, Archbishop of Brussels-Malines; and of many others, including ambassadors, members of the European Parliament and members of the various Parliaments in Belgium. 

To the Church of Scientology of Belgium, I wish you a very happy 46th anniversary, and express the hope that your solidarity and help activities in our common home will be successful. I wish you to continue to foster inter-religious dialogue, with respect for diversity and otherness and in the richness of the encounter. And I wish each of your co-religionists a beautiful and great spirituality.

Cardinal Jozef de Kesel
Archbishop of Brussels – Malines

The event was attended by ambassadors, politicians, religious leaders, human rights activists and many others. Three religious leaders spoke at the opening and expressed their long-term friendship with the Church. We have reproduced their speeches in this booklet. 

In that work toward integral ecology, my friends in Scientology are also very active, efficient and a force in bringing about cooperation between all religions.

Father Petar Gramatikov
Bulgarian Orthodox Church
United Religions Initiative (URI)

We are very happy to share some pictures of this celebration with you, and look forward to meeting with you in the coming year, as our Churches are wide-open for visit, and our charity and social betterment programs are wide-open for cooperation. You can download the pdf booklet of the celebration below.

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