Italy: Macerata, Diaz Gardens cleaned up by Scientology Volunteer Ministers

Italy: Macerata, Diaz Gardens cleaned up by Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Scientology volunteers cleaning the gardens

A new action, out of hundreds, to take care of the environment, once at a time, as a part of a global action

MACERATA, ITALY, November 9, 2023 / — The Diaz Gardens in Macerata, Italy, have been cleaned of rubbish, and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue their work. The entity Legambiente has been conducting the Beach Litter survey every year since 2014, and the scenario that emerges in 2020 is truly desolate: an average of 654 litter items for every 100 metres of beach. Overall, 80% of the waste found is plastic. (See link below with number 1).

This is followed by glass/ceramics (10%), metal (3%), paper/cardboard (2%), rubber (2%) and processed wood (1%). The remaining 2% consists of other materials. Artificial polymers are mostly plastic and polystyrene fragments ranging in size from 2.5 cm to 50 cm, cigarette butts, caps and beverage lids. Glass and ceramics are mainly found in the form of fragments and building materials such as roof tiles, tiles, rubble.

‘Uncivilised gestures’

Even in the beautiful city of Macerata, rubbish abandoned by uncivilised gestures is unfortunately becoming increasingly visible.

This is why the group of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has been sending out a message for several months now with the initiative to collect waste in the city’s green areas. Once again this weekend they were present at the Diaz Gardens in Macerata where they found all kinds of waste: plastic, cans, glass bottles, cigarette butts and much more, while they were receiving lots of appreciation from passers-by.

The Way to Happiness

Pina Picone, in charge of the initiative, says to everyone that: 

“Our initiative is inspired by the common sense guide The Way to Happiness, written by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. And it is to the common sense of every citizen that we appeal. Do not litter”. 

However, the citizens’ group does not stop here. The next appointment is scheduled for next weekend where another green area in the city will be cleaned up.

What does Scientology Do to Protect the Environment?

In accord with a precept in the moral code they subscribe to, Churches of Scientology and their parishioners are very active in local environmental campaigns. Chief amongst their activities are: recycling projects, public park cleanups, graffiti removal, mural projects to beautify inner-city streets and highways, Earth Day educational campaigns and community clean-up campaigns. Scientologists in cities across Europe additionally dispose of hypodermic syringes discarded by drug addicts in parks. Care for the environment further extends to the use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of new Scientology Churches.

Other actions to take care of the environment

For example, in July 2022, over 50 volunteers from the Islamic Cultural Centre of Italy and the Church of Scientology came together in Rome for an environmental cleanup near the Great Mosque. Working alongside followers of different faiths, they collected over 12 cubic meters of trash from the area.

The collaborative event highlighted the common goals of the two religious groups to care for the community and planet. Both Scientologists and Muslims aim to live in harmony with nature, reflecting their teachings on environmental stewardship.

Leaders expressed satisfaction and interest in continuing joint environmental initiatives. The cleanup brought together diversity behind the universal cause of bettering the surroundings. It took place at the Great Mosque of Rome, the largest mosque in the western world.


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