Scientology representative was invited to celebrate Hindu Diwali at the European Parliament

Scientology representative was invited to celebrate Hindu Diwali at the European Parliament
Photo credit: Marcos Soria - Swami Rameshwaranda Giri Maharaj (Fundacion Phi, Spain), Ivan Arjona Pelado (Scientology Europe) and Krishna Kripa Dasa (aka Juan Carlos Ramchandani) Vice President of the Hindu Forum Europe, at the European Parliament.

The celebration was hosted by Members of the European Parliament and attended by diplomats, civil society and representatives of other religions.

BRUSSELS, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 1, 2023 / — In a remarkable demonstration of interfaith harmony, the European representative of the Church of Scientology was recently invited as a special guest to the Diwali celebrations at the European Parliament. The event, organized by the Hindu Forum Europe, was a testament to the unity and diversity that defines the European community and was attended especially by Hindus but also by Christians, Sikhs, Scientologists and people of different beliefs.

The EU Representative of the Church of Scientology, Ivan Arjona, who often cooperates with the diverse Hindu community not just on interfaith but on fighting for the protection of Freedom of Religion or Belief for all, was especially thankful to the Vice-President of the Forum, Krishna Kripa Dasa (aka Juan Carlos Ramchandani) and the Special Spiritual Advisor Swami Rameshwaranda Giri Maharaj from Fundacion Phi (Spain) for their great and joyful welcome among the spiritualities present in Europe, participating of the vibrant colours and joyous celebrations of Diwali. 

The invitation extended to the Scientology representative was a significant gesture, demonstrating the commitment of Hindus in Europe to promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated by Hindus worldwide and symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The celebration at the European Parliament was attended by a diverse group of individuals, including members of the European Parliament, diplomats, and representatives from various religious and community organizations.

For Arjona, the Scientology representative, the invitation was “a clear indication that the European Parliament and the Hindu Forum Europe are keen to foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding among different faiths”, and expressed his gratitude for being able to participate in the Diwali celebrations, acknowledging the importance of such interfaith events in promoting peace and unity.

“The 2023 Diwali European celebration was a vivid display of Europe’s multicultural fabric, a reminder that despite our diverse beliefs and practices, we can come together to celebrate and respect each other’s faiths, promoting a more harmonious and inclusive society, especially in these difficult times,” said Arjona to some of the Hindu representatives.

==Similarities between Scientology and Hinduism==

Arjona says that religions “should focus on common goals and perspectives” while using their “different abilities to help improve our world”. He mentions for example the similarities between Scientology and Hinduism by quoting the late Prof. Dr. Bryan Willson who explained that:

“The mechanics of life as characterised by Scientology have considerable similarity to those embraced by both Buddhism and the Sankhya school of Hinduism. The accumulation of a reactive bank in the mind bears some similarity to the idea of karma. The concept of past lives has much in common with the theories of reincarnation in Eastern religions. The idea of acquiring access to levels of consciousness is found in Yoga (the Yoga school is closely related to that of Sankhya) and the yogin is believed to be able to attain supernatural power”.

Wilson explained also in the same scientific article:

“The claim is often made (by their followers if not by themselves) that the founders of religious movements are special agents of revelation through whom a supreme being expresses himself. This prophetic mode of religious leadership is characteristic of movements in the general Judaeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, but in the Hindu-Buddhist tradition, the religious leader is more typically seen as a master who benefits his followers by indicating to them the path to enlightenment which he has himself trodden. Hubbard conforms much more fully to this latter model. He is represented as a teacher who, rather than having had religious truths revealed to him, is said to have discovered by scientific research facts which indicate certain therapeutic practices and a metaphysical body of knowledge which explains man’s higher being and ultimate destiny”.

==Scientology in Europe==

Scientology is a global religion recognized by an overwhelming number of experts in the field of religion and by more and more religious leaders who enjoy fruitful cooperation in solving the problems of today’s society. Also, an always-increasing number of countries, courts and governments acknowledge the rights that Scientologists and their church enjoy within the European framework of fundamental rights and the international standards for Freedom of Religion or Belief.

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