Wedding at the Church of Scientology of Copenhagen

Wedding at the Church of Scientology of Copenhagen
Scientology Wedding in Copenhagen

A wedding occurred in the Scientology Church of Copenhagen. How does it work? Who are the Ministers performing ceremonies? How do Scientologists view marriage?

“I love the wedding ceremony in itself. It really unites two universes and puts a new creation there that you walk from now on the path together as husband and wife”

— Vanessa

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, June 15, 2023/ — Last Saturday in Denmark, the Church of Scientology, located at the oldest square, Nytorv, in the centre of the Copenhagen Middle Ages city, was fully packed with a crowd who came to celebrate the romantic wedding of two young Scientologists. That day, Vanessa and Lancelot took their vows as bride and groom. 

When asked, Vanessa said: “For me, it was important to do a church wedding, since our religion is very spiritual and to get married in our church creates a very nice bond between two people. Also, I love the wedding ceremony in itself. It really unites two universes and puts a new creation there that you walk from now on the path together as husband and wife. It is a very nice symbolic way to show now that you start a new chapter in your life.” 

And her now-husband Lancelot added: “Getting married in our church was important to us as it has a big meaning. It represents what we both believe in and it bonds us not only physically or legally but spiritually too. We both share the same way of living and perspectives and the church really defines that connection.”

Both of them, while their marriage is the concretization of their true and shared love, consider that the vows taken by the bride and groom build a foundation not only for their own union but contribute to that of the community as a whole. They believe the sacred commitment of marriage forms the basis of a stable family, a fundamental building block of any society. 

Ministers with the highest ethical standards 

Matrimony is a hallowed rite in virtually every religion and culture. Scientology marriages are celebrated by ordained church ministers, who are authorized to celebrate and perform religious ceremonies and hear confessions. They go through extensive training, which includes, inter alia, a study of other faiths and beliefs. They are also required to commit to and demonstrate the highest ethical standard if they want to be granted the privilege of serving as a minister. 

There are different wedding ceremonies with varying degrees of formality, but each of them insists on the loyalty and devotion the groom and bride promise each other.  

The Scientology wedding ceremonies include the promise of the engaged couple to continue creating their love through health and sickness, adversity, as well as good fortune. It encourages forgiveness and admiration for each other. And while it reminds the future honeymooners that none can add to the love they have already created, it asks the assembly to join in blessing the ceremony with the creative wish “that the trust and love of the present shall become ever stronger with each passing year.” 

The Danish Church of Scientology 

This year the Danish Scientology Church celebrated its 55th anniversary, and over the years since it was founded in 1968, hundreds of religious ceremonies like weddings, confirmations, christenings, and funerals have taken place in the Church. Copenhagen, once a Viking fishing village, is one of Europe’s modern metropolises. The new premises of the Danish Church of Scientology were inaugurated in 2017 after a full renovation of the building, a 40,000-square-foot Neoclassical building that was originally constructed in 1796 and was born out of the flames of the “Great Fire” just one year prior that had consumed the Nytorv/Gammeltorv district. 

With craft and care, the Church teamed with local artisans and returned the landmark to its original character. More than 2,500 Scientologists and guests attended the opening ceremony of the Church, which now, in a city where helping one another defines the character of its residents, is a welcome resource for its diverse population.

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