Scientology in Hungary recently celebrated Children’s Day

Scientology in Hungary recently celebrated Children’s Day
Scientology volunteers ready to distribute balloons on Children's Day

Scientology volunteer ministers gave children and adults balloons on Children’s Day

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, June 8, 2023/ — On the occasion of Children’s Day, the Scientology volunteer ministers distributed balloons around the church to children and grownups. Those volunteering had a very emotional day by creating smiles all around them since after all, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbardonce wrote: “When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.”, and therefore, every opportunity or every excuse to promote the importance of children, is a good time to grant them the importance they deserve.

In Hungary, Children’s Day is a special occasion for every gyerek (“child”), a holiday set aside just for them. The importance of Children’s Day in Hungary can’t be overstated, as this is a time for parents and the general population to acknowledge children’s rights and make them feel loved.

However, not every child today has the opportunity to be surprised with a present, even if they deserve it as much as every other child because, after all, it is their Day. In the current economic situation, some too many families are burdened financially, and it is more difficult for them to afford a helium balloon, a very sought item by children on that day. Because of that, Scientology volunteers in Budapest decided to provoke smiles in children and went around the neighbourhood with colourful helium balloons to give to all children passing by, ensuring that no one is left behind without at least a balloon and a proper Children’s Day feeling. 

During the distribution, there was a grandparent who also asked for it for her grandson. Another anecdote is the one of a car that stops at a red traffic light. The lady jumped out of the car and ran to the volunteer, she had her three children in the car, and the volunteers saved her day because the three kids ended up having their balloons and were very grateful. “It is of course not the material value of the balloon what counts, but the priceless value of the smiles of these kids”, said Palma, one of the volunteers.

Children’s Day History

In 1857, Reverend Dr Charles Leonard of Massachusetts preached a special sermon for and about children, which is regarded as the unofficial beginning of Children’s Day. Several years later, in 1920, Turkey was the first nation to officially recognize Children’s Day as a national holiday. Nearly a decade later, Mustafa Atatürk (then-President of the Republic of Turkey) formally established this holiday.

In 1950, this celebration began to extend to other nations, and today, approximately fifty nations observe Children’s Day in some way or another, most often in May, and Hungary celebrates it on the last Sunday of the month. During this time period, Children’s Day primarily served as a means to ensure that children were treated with respect and in accordance with their rights. The general health and well-being of minors was also emphasized.

A brief note about Scientology in Hungary

There are already epic tales about Scientology in Hungary, a nation that has cherished its myths and histories for centuries. In the final days of the 1980s and at the beginning of the 1990s, totalitarian, atheistic Communism retreated from Eastern Europe, a significant portion of Asia, and Russia. Long starved for spirituality, Hungarians, like all those who had suffered under Soviet commissars, pursued truth and religion with haste. In 1988, a single copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard pierced the iron curtain, and a movement was founded.

In 2016, some 25 years after the first Scientology flag was planted in Budapest, an Ideal Church of Scientology opened in the historic city of Budapest. “Hungarian Scientologists stay always attentive to help on any needs citizens have in their country and abroad which makes the epic tales of Hungarian freedom fighters, have living examples today in 21st century Magyar land, with people doing drug prevention, human rights education, rescue operation in disasters, providing food where needed, and why not, giving people a reason to smile even if just with a rose or a balloon” said Ivan Arjona, Scientology representative to the European institutions and the UN.

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