Volunteerism Unleashed; New Documentary Shines Light, on Global Efforts to Transform Society

Volunteerism Unleashed; New Documentary Shines Light, on Global Efforts to Transform Society

Brussels January 31 2024 – In a world facing challenges, such as health crises and social upheaval the power of volunteerism emerges as a force for change and hope. This sentiment lies at the core of an event happening at the Castle Kyalami headquarters of the Church of Scientology in South Africa. On February 3rd Scientology Churches worldwide including those in Europe will bring together an audience comprising civil society members, government officials, community leaders and representatives from sectors for the premiere of “Operation: Do Something About It ” a documentary that sheds light on the incredible impact of volunteering.

This documentary is the result of over two years’ worth of service by Volunteer Ministers belonging to Scientology from around the globe. It showcases their contributions during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a focus on South African Volunteer Ministers, this film pays tribute to their efforts. These volunteers have selflessly dedicated more than one million hours to providing frontline services in South Africa by working with authorities to combat the spread of COVID-19. Their actions have included sanitizing 70,000 buildings encompassing government facilities and law enforcement establishments, with dedication to public safety and health.

“Operation: Taking Action” encapsulates the core essence and mission of the Volunteer Ministers, which is to provide unwavering support and assistance to those, in need. This aligns with the vision of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology who initiated this program in the mid-1970s intending to infuse society with purpose, truth and spiritual values. The film embodies the motto of the Volunteer Ministers, which is “Something Can Be Done About It” by showcasing their dedication to alleviating suffering fighting against evil and addressing injustices on a scale.

The documentary also highlights the progress made by the Volunteer Ministers program in South Africa. Over half a million people have participated in Tools for Life Courses. 25,000 individuals have become fully certified Volunteer Ministers after completing all 19 courses. Beyond celebrating these accomplishments this documentary serves as a call to action for increased volunteerism and community engagement.

As it premieres in Africa and reaches audiences through broadcasting channels this documentary’s message resonates beyond just the continent itself. It offers insights and inspiration for countries within the European Union where volunteerism is deeply ingrained within values. Ivan Arjona, Scientology representative, to EU institutions and the UN points out that European nations can learn from the experiences of Volunteer Ministers to effectively adapt and tackle all sorts of issues as well as environmental challenges.

Moreover, the movie highlights the significance of collaboration, among sectors and communities underscoring the values of unity and cooperation. By showcasing how Scientology Volunteer Ministers have made a difference in South Africa this documentary prompts viewers to contemplate how volunteer work can foster resilience, healing and the creation of societies.

To sum up “Operation; Do Something About It” goes beyond being a documentary; it serves as a testament, to the impact volunteerism and collective action can have. As it premieres in Africa and reaches audiences it inspires everyone to acknowledge that no matter what challenges we encounter there is always something we can do about them. The efforts of Scientology Volunteer Ministers serve as a reminder of the role that volunteer work plays in driving change and emphasize the importance of working together for a better world.

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