Scientology Calls to Address Psychiatric Abuses on World Mental Health Day backing up WHO’s and OHCHR new guidelines

Scientology Calls to Address Psychiatric Abuses on World Mental Health Day backing up WHO’s and OHCHR new guidelines
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On World #MentalHealthDay, a global movement combats psychiatric abuse, driven by WHO, OHCHR, Scientology, CCHR and others.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, October 12, 2023 / — On October 10 2023 World Mental Health Day marked a moment for raising awareness about the problem of psychiatric abuse and its devastating consequences. The Scientology Network hosted a television event dedicated to highlighting the efforts of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and its partners in combating psychiatric abuse. There is a need to delve into the revelations from this event and explore further the global movement against psychiatric abuse.

The Hidden Danger; Psychiatric Medication and Its Risks

A number of Americans one in four are currently using psychiatric drugs. Shockingly even children as young as 0 5 years account for, over 400,000 of these cases. Despite this prevalence, there remains unawareness regarding the dangers associated with these medications. Reported side effects include thoughts, anxiety, violence, depression, psychosis, hallucinations and tragically even death. It is distressing to note that individuals taking drugs are six times more likely to die by suicide.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acknowledged that electroshock therapy (ECT) can result in complications, memory loss, cognitive impairment, brain damage or even fatalities. Despite acknowledging this fact, around 100,000 individuals in the United States undergo Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) annually. What’s more concerning is that psychiatrists themselves admit to NOT having an understanding of how ECT actually works.

The Mission of CCHR; Putting an End to Psychiatric Abuse

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding mental health and actively working towards eliminating unethical practices within the global psychiatric industry. Through the years, CCHR and its partners have been instrumental in enacting over 320 laws aimed at protecting individuals from such abusive practices.

World Mental Health Day Marathon: Bringing Awareness to Psychiatric Abuses

As a key part of this campaign on World Mental Health Day the Scientology Network organized a marathon event with the goal of educating the public in 17 languages about abuses and corruption worldwide within the field of mental health. This event served as a call to action aiming to eradicate activities associated with the psychiatric field.

Highlighted Shows During the Marathon

The marathon showcased a series of documentaries produced by CCHR. These investigative documentaries sought to reveal the truth behind the history and practices of the industry and here are the titles:

– Therapy or Torture: The Truth about Electroshock, an exposé on the brutal psychiatric practice of electroshock
– Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, an investigation of psychiatry’s dark past
– Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?—a look at how psychiatry concocts mental diseases for the sake of profit
– The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda, uncovering how psychiatry infiltrated the US military and its devastating effects
– Voices for Humanity—the only ongoing television series dedicated to those working in the streets, schools and communities to spread the message of human rights, educate communities on the dangers of drugs and combat psychiatric abuse.

Global Initiatives to Combat Psychiatric Abuses

Joint Collaboration by WHO and OHCHR

In preparation for World Mental Health Day the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) have released a mental health protection guidelines document titled “Promoting Mental Health Protecting Human Rights; Guidance and Practices.” This aims to assist countries in reforming their legislation to eradicate human rights violations and improve access to quality healthcare.

Challenges, in Upholding Human Rights within Psychiatry

Instances of abuse and coercive tactics persist within care often bolstered by existing laws and policies. These abuses involve living conditions, and mistreatment of a psychological and emotional nature, within mental health services. While some countries have attempted to revise their laws and policies the changes made so far are way too limited in scope.

The recommendations propose including measures that prevent coercion, in health services. It highlights the importance of obtaining consent as the principle in all mental health interventions and provides suggestions on how to handle cases within legal frameworks and policies without relying on coercive approaches and even using peer-based programs that are not necessarily medical.

A Human Rights Approach to Mental Health

The new guidelines (within which amongst all people and entities acknowledged you find CCHR) go beyond the healthcare sector targeting lawmakers and policymakers involved in creating, amending and implementing laws related to health. It includes a checklist for countries to evaluate whether their legislation concerning health aligns with human rights obligations. The guidance emphasizes the significance of involving individuals with experiences and their representative organizations in this process highlighting the importance of education and raising awareness.


On World Mental Health Day 2023, people worldwide united to recognize that “Mental health is a right, for everyone”, especially without any abuses or violations of rights. Iván Arjona-Pelado, Scientology representative to the EU institutions, OSCE and UN stated that “Both the marathon hosted by Scientology Network and the guidance introduced by WHO and OHCHR serve as examples of efforts to eradicate abuse and ensure that mental healthcare is rooted in human rights, which is something Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard called for at least as early as 1969”. By increasing awareness, promoting consent and advocating for community-based care the UN and the WHO take strides toward a world where every individual’s mental and well-being are respected and safeguarded.

The ongoing battle, against the mistreatment of individuals with emotional, social and mental challenges persists, driven by civil society’s dedication to upholding human rights and preserving the dignity of every person.

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