Church of Scientology celebrates the 80th birthday of Dr Hong Tao-Tze in Taipei

Church of Scientology celebrates the 80th birthday of Dr Hong Tao-Tze in Taipei

Church of @ScientologyEU celebrates the 80th birthday of Dr Hong Tao-Tze in Taipei

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 3, 2023/ — On July 30, 2023, the Vice-President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights, Rev. Eric Roux, was specially invited by Dr Hong Tao-Tze, Grand-Master (Shifu) of the Tai Ji Men, to celebrate its 80th birthday in Taipei.

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy is an ancient menpai (similar to a school) of qigong, martial arts, and self-cultivation, deeply rooted in Taoist wisdom. Dr Hong founded it in 1966 and made it a vibrant spiritual movement, attracting tens of thousands of dizis (disciples) from all over Taiwan, who through the practice of inner beliefs and the practice of qigong and martial arts, strive to strengthen their bodies, purify their hearts, and return to the origin of their souls.

Besides teaching and guiding the Tai Ji Men Dizis, Dr Hong is known internationally to have created a worldwide movement of peace, meeting with and engaging numerous worldwide leaders of the planet, from Pope Benedict XVI to Nelson Mandela, to the Secretary General of the UN and many government leaders from countries all around the world, with the aim of promoting world peace through various means such as cultural exchanges and solemn ceremonies of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love. Tai Ji Men are also known for their impressive cultural performances that promote international friendship and the traditional essence of traditional Chinese culture, which they have presented in over 300 cities in over 100 countries.

The celebration was attended by several other special guests, including the Vice-president of the Executive Yuan (government) of Taiwan and the Mayor of Taipei. In addition to the guests, more than 1,000 dizis were present to celebrate the 80th birthday of their beloved Grand Master, and artists from Tai Ji Men delivered an incredible show with dancers, martial art experts and musicians for more than 3 hours.

On behalf of the Church of Scientology, Eric Roux offered Dr Hong for his birthday a very special handmade-numbered edition of the Book “Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health” written by L. Ron Hubbard, made of leather and gold and only produced in 100 copies. Rev. Eric Roux pronounced the following words: “Seeing you looking so young, healthy and cheerful on your 80th birthday is a great pleasure and a guarantee of the future for the Tai Ji Men and for the great work you are doing in Taiwan and abroad to promote international friendship and world peace as well as the spiritual and cultural features of the Chinese culture, for the benefit of so many. I’m honoured to be your friend and I wish that our cooperation for a brighter future on earth will bear fruit on a large scale over the coming years.”

Since its inception in 1954, the Church of Scientology has been promoting interfaith cooperation at all levels, and always originates or participates in initiatives that bring together people of all faiths for the betterment of society. Scientologists work with representatives of many religions and spiritual movements from Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and many others, to support and encourage interreligious dialogue and cooperation, religious freedom, constitutional law and respect for religion and spirituality in society. 

Scientology in Taiwan

While in Taiwan since 1995, the Church of Scientology opened its 13-story Ideal Church building On December 7, 2013, making it the first one of its kind in Asia. A full documentary about this Church in Kaohsiung can be watched on Scientology TV.

The inauguration held even deeper significance for the fact L. Ron Hubbard, as a young man, trekked across Asia pursuing fundamental questions on the origins of Man and the ultimate source of life. He explored remote cultures and arcane wisdom, during which he also gained entrance to forbidden Buddhist lamaseries in China’s Western Hills. It was these many firsthand encounters with Eastern religious traditions which spurred his subsequent research into the human mind and spirit, and ultimately led to the founding of the Scientology religion.

Crowning the Kaohsiung grand opening was the first visit to Taiwan by Mr David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. Mr. Miscavige led the dedication joined by national authorities.

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