Church of Scientology, launches new website “Uplifting, Inspiring and Changing the World”

Church of Scientology, launches new website “Uplifting, Inspiring and Changing the World”

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A new interactive timeline on the Scientology website provides a glimpse into why so many people count on the Church of Scientology for help in 5 continents.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 3, 2022 – In a new interactive website-timeline, Scientology has provided a new glimpse into why so many people count on the Church of Scientology for help around the world.

Ever since Mr David Miscavige accepted the baton of the church’s leadership from the founder himself, the organized social betterment activities of its members have not ceased to improve and increase. This can be seen in the latest update and videos featured on the Scientology website released a few weeks ago.

In Los Angeles, where the Church of Scientology International has its headquarters for supervision and coordination of the international activities and social programs of the movement developed and inspired by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology churches serve as hubs for religious organizations, like-minded groups and community leaders.

I thank Scientology for the solidarity with the different institutions, in this case with the Catholic Church”

— Secretary of the Archibishop of the Mexico City Catholic Church

Scientology Churches are welcoming all cultures, and all religions, and work with the community to create a positive impact, with neighbourhood events, holiday celebrations and charity fundraisers

In the new website, said the European spokesperson of the Church Iván Arjona “you can see how Scientology volunteers have organized weekly food drives distributing 258,000 pounds of food to help more than 17,000 families over the past 16 months… or how at the height of the pandemic, Scientologists distributed hundreds of thousands How to Stay Well booklets door-to-door to neighbours and essential businesses for their customers in each continent of the planet”.

If there would be one thing no one could deny of Scientologists, said Arjona, is that they are aware they are not only not alone in this world, but that they are part and parcel of every community and sphere and therefore responsible to bring their grain of help to everyone around, regardless of their colour, race, creed, social positions and views about everyday life, he concluded.

For example, one can see on their new website a statement from a Christian Pastor in Inglewood (California) who said to applaud Scientologists for their “efforts to keep us all safe, healthy and wise” after volunteers sanitized thousands and thousands of police stations, churches, mosques, temples and government offices around the world.

Yet another example, Mexico has seen 197,948 square feet of places of worship of different religions sanitized, receiving a special acknowledgement from the Parish Priest of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” who said, “I wish to thank you for the help given, sanitizing the temples of my parish.” Or the Secretary of the Archibishop of the Mexico Catholic Church who “thank Scientology for the solidarity with the different institutions, in this case with the Catholic Church. That you do altruistic work, for me that means something really immense. And most of all, you do it for the good of people so they gravitate to a place where they can pray. I think this work must be known and first and foremost known that churches like Scientology can contribute a huge effort when we are together for the good of the community”.

Scientologists take responsibility for their neighbourhoods:

  • They bring the community together by organizing neighbourhood cleanups.
  • Scientology Volunteer Ministers provide support to firefighters and other emergency personnel.
  • Responding to another kind of disaster affecting families worldwide, Scientologists provide drug education to tackle drug abuse, addiction and overdose deaths in schools and neighbourhoods. They have organized and held tens of thousands of 200 drug education seminars reaching many millions of people on every continent with the truth about drugs.
  • Scientologists work to reduce crime and gang violence by organizing Peace Rides that promote the common-sense values of The Way to Happiness, the nonreligious moral code written by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The help in Europe through the last and current year, to help overcome crises created by the pandemic is also shown in the new website. In Italy for example, explains Arjona, Scientology Volunteer Ministers were active up and down the Italian Boot, distributing needed supplies to individuals and community organizations. It is there where a Mayor of Verona, Italy, said that Scientologists “provided irreplaceable help to the community of Verona.”; or the Mayor of Grantorto (Italy) stated that he “really appreciate the fact that the Church members are always ready to step in when there are situations of hardship or emergencies.”

And while touching every continent, one of the most outstanding actions took place in South Africa. In the wake of the worst civil unrest since apartheid, Scientology Volunteer Ministers mobilized for a massive clean-up operation, bringing order to chaos and restoring hope to the people of South Africa, while having sanitized hundreds of millions of square meters of public facilities and transportation buses with more than 3.2 million volunteer hours just in that country.

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ScientologyEU Newsroom

ScientologyEU Newsroom

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