Drug Prevention

Our office is working with one of the most effective and used drug prevention program, which is executed in our area by the Foundation for a Drug Free Europe.

The Foundation aims:

  • to work within democratic, open and transparent procedures of communication, decision making and accountability in order to find and execute solutions to the drug problem and help create drug-free European societies;
  • to monitor the development and implementation of European legislation, as well national legislation, and to debate and discuss it in public lectures, in writing or through the mass media;
  • to create and put into action drug prevention projects and campaigns that could be presented to and supported by governments and institutions;
  • to elaborate cycles of conferences, roundtables or other public debates focused around the different aspects of drug abuse in Europe;
  • to collaborate with likeminded groups and organizations, in the different projects or campaigns the Foundation will conduct;
  • to pursue through other legal means the creation of a drug-free Europe and bring about a culture that widely refuses the use of drugs or the promotion thereof, and fully recognises the danger that drug abuse carries for the people and for society at large.